Insight To The Monarchy And Prince Charles From Sally Bedell Smith

Apr 13, 2018

Our country was founded on the very idea that a free people should not be ruled by kings and queens. That said, there is an undeniable and lasting allure associated with monarchies. And that’s particularly true when it comes to Great Britain.

One of the most mysterious and arguably, most misunderstood, members of the British royal family is Prince Charles, the man next in line to become the King of England. He’s the subject of Sally Bedell Smith’s New York Times bestseller, titled Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life. It’s now out in paperback.

I had the pleasure of introducing Sally at the 2017 Sun Valley Writer’s Conference, where she spoke about her biography of Charles and her earlier bestseller, Elizabeth the Queen. Sally is a longtime journalist and a contributing editor at Vanity Fair, but she is best known as an extraordinary biographer. In addition to her books about Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth the Second, she has written bestselling profiles of Diana, Princess of Wales; Bill and Hillary Clinton; and John and Jacqueline Kennedy, among others. With her latest book, Sally once again reminds us of the power of personal stories to inspire and to shape how we view each other and the world.