Internet Streaming Updates

Dec 17, 2018

We are migrating our streaming servers to new hardware!

You may need to refresh your browser to update to the new stream links.

In the near future, we will have increased bandwidth and can increase the stream bitrates, which will mean higher audio quality of our streams.

Update:  All streams have been migrated to the new server hardware.  

Update 2:  Jan 24, 2019  All streams are online over our new, increased-bandwidth internet circuit.   As an immediate result, stream bitrates and quality on KBSU and KBSX are increased.  Additionally, a lossless FLAC stream URL is below for public testing.

Please contact BSPR Engineering if you are experiencing issues.

If your devices allow you to enter a stream URL manually, the new URLs are:




Radio Bilingue:

In the event that your devices can't handle an SSL secure connection, contact BSPR Engineering to receive non-secured URLs you can try.