Judge Says No Retrial For Boise’s St. Al’s In $52 Million Lawsuit

May 2, 2012

A judge has a denied a motion for a retrial in a $52-million lawsuit involving Boise based St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center. Last year, the center lost a jury trial in the suit brought by MRI Associates, a medical imaging company it had partnered with in the past. Late last week, Fourth Judicial District Judge Mike Wetherell said no to a retrial.

Lawyers for MRI Associates allege St Alphonsus tried to undermine MRI Associates’ relationships with physicians and patients while the two were still in partnership. Brent Bastian one of MRI’s lawyers, says it’s a big loss for Saint Al’s but he adds the ball is in their court.

In a written statement St. Alphonsus says it plans to appeal to the Idaho Supreme Court. That would mean another several months added to a lawsuit that began in 2004.