Keeping Boise Swimming Ponds Clean

Jun 4, 2019

Boise is working to boost water quality in some local swimming ponds to help keep them open this summer.

In the past, swimming ponds in the Treasure Valley have been contaminated by outside sources. Boise Parks and Recreation is taking new steps to improve the water quality at Esther Simplot Park, Quinn’s Pond and Veterans Memorial Park.

City officials have placed aerators in Quinn’s Pond and in Esther Simplot Park. That will bump up water circulation and oxygen in the water. The hope is that will help keep water temps down and slow the growth of bacteria.

The ponds are tested every week and officials look for E. coli, algae and bacteria. When the levels get too high, the ponds are closed.

There are three common contaminators the affect the ponds: waste from dogs, geese and people. Dogs aren’t allowed at the ponds and should be kept out. The city is using a trained dog to scare away geese. They’re also using a ground sweeping machine to pick up goose poop. And parents should put their kids in swim diapers to prevent accidents.

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