Labrador Says He Understands Some People Are Upset At Results Of Election

Feb 23, 2017

Credit Carolyn Kaster / AP

U.S. Representative Raul Labrador spoke to the Idaho House Wednesday about President Donald Trump.

The First District Republican gave a fifteen minute speech to members of Idaho’s House of Representatives. Labrador said he was concerned at the reaction to President Trump’s actions. Labrador said people are acting like Trump’s actions are unusual or illegitimate, when he’s just doing the things he said he would while campaigning.

Labrador said he can understand why people are upset and disappointed with the results of the election. He said he has felt the same way when his party lost. He said in 1992 he wore all black to his law classes when Bill Clinton got elected.

“I had a black shirt, black coat, black pants, black shoes, I was in mourning. So I understand being upset about your candidate not winning,” says Labrador.

Labrador said people are looking to the government to solve all the problems in their life, but there’s a lot the government can’t do. He said it’s been a pretty rough political season, but “it’s still a great blessing to live in this great nation.”

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