Legislative Update: Idaho Lawmakers Getting Close To The End Of The Session

Mar 24, 2017

As we wrap up the 11th week of the 2017 Idaho Legislative Session, lawmakers have been struggling to finish up their work and go home. For several weeks, the goal has been to end the session Friday. House Speaker Scott Bedke said on Thursday lawmakers will have to come back on Monday.

This week lawmakers struggled with a large transportation funding bill. They tried and failed to pass a bill that would have helped some of the 78,000 people in Idaho who can’t afford health insurance. And tax cuts are still a sticking point.

Boise State University professor Gary Moncrief has been monitoring the House Floor, where most of the bills, and a lot of interpersonal infighting, have been in play. In this edition of our 2017 Weekly Legislative Update, he’s still not sure when lawmakers will leave for home.

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