Lights! Camera! Action! Fresh Powder? Previewing The 2020 Sun Valley Film Festival

Feb 25, 2020

Credit Sun Valley Film Festival

Oscar-winners, emerging filmmakers and some of the industry's most successful directors, producers and screenwriters are all on the guest list of the 2020 Sun Valley Film Festival, March 18-22. A rising star on the boutique film festival scene, the SVFF celebrates the art of storytelling with days of films, panels, parties and world premieres.

Morning Edition host George Prentice visited with SVFF executive director Teddy Grennan and Candice Pate, SVFF director, to talk about this year's slate of films, the importance of showcasing the next generation of filmmakers and the multi-million dollar economic engine that the festival has become to the Wood River Valley.

“We’re proud to say that there is more than five-and-a-half million dollars of economic impact.”

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