Lion's Roar Falls Silent At Zoo Boise

Jan 5, 2017

Zoo Boise says it’s sad to report that Jabari the lion was euthanized Wednesday.

We told you last year that the 14-year-old lion was diagnosed with lymphoma. He was getting treatment, including chemotherapy. But his health continued to decline and his condition worsened recently.

It was 2008 when Jabari and two female lions opened the African Plains Exhibit. He was a favorite at the zoo, often roaring during the day.

“There is nothing quite like the roar of a grown male lion. He was part of our family and we will miss him,” says Zoo Boise Director Steve Burns.

In the wild, male lions rarely survive longer than 10-12 years.

Two female lions remain at the zoo, Mudiwa and Obadiah, are both 15 years old. Zoo Boise does not plan to get another male lion.

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