LISTEN: New Idaho Podcast Tells Stories Of Overlooked People

Apr 10, 2017

Adam Cotterell is a reporter-turned-podcaster.
Credit Emilie Ritter Saunders / Boise State Public Radio

Boise State Public Radio’s new podcast Some of the Parts just launched. It tells the stories of small groups of people in Idaho. It’s hosted by KBSX’s reporter-turned-podcaster Adam Cotterell. He told Morning Edition host Matt Guilhem that the project was born from a desire to do what Cotterell likes to call, “founding principles reporting.”

“One of the founding principles of public radio was to create a place for voices and stories that were not often heard on radio or TV,” Cotterell says. “We have a lot more places to tell stories than existed when public radio was created but there are still a lot of voices that don’t get heard very often. And I think we in public radio allow ourselves to stray from that founding principle too often. So I wanted to do something about that but ‘stories that don’t often get told’ seemed a little too vague so I decided to focus on small groups of people. I’m really interested in how small communities relate to the larger community and how it relates to them.”

Hear Adam Cotterell talk with Matt Guilhem about Some of the Parts.

Hear episode 1 of Some of the Parts.