Listeners, We Want Your Opinion

May 15, 2014

Credit ErnestDuffoo / Flickr Creative Commons

As a Boise State Public Radio listener, you're probably aware that we've been working hard for the past several years to stay ahead of rapid changes in the radio landscape.

I'm writing now to ask for your opinion. Our goal is to continue to provide the quality news and eclectic music programming you want and in the way that you want it, so I'm inviting you to share your feelings about technology in our annual survey.

We want to know how you use the radio, along with Facebook, iPods, smartphones, tablets, streaming and the web to stay connected to news, entertainment and updates from Boise State Public Radio and other sources. Whether you use all of these things, we really need your opinion.

Your responses will be kept completely confidential, and we will never share your personal information with anyone. We'll only use the information you provide to enhance our service.

Thanks in advance for your time and for your support of Boise State Public Radio. This survey may take you as long as 15-20 minutes to complete, but you can stop, save your work, and resume at any time.  Because of the many changes in technology, we are covering a lot of ground.  We hope you have the time to help us out and let us know your opinions.

When you’re ready to take the survey, just click this link to participate.

Thanks in advance for your time and for your support of Boise State Public Radio!

Paul Stribling, Program Director