'Love, Boise' Concert To Benefit Stabbing Victims

Jul 25, 2018

It’s been nearly a month after a mass stabbing in Boise left one child dead and eight other people hospitalized – all of them refugees. Now, the city’s arts community is adding its voice to those supporting the victims.

Many in Boise and beyond were shocked when they learned of the attack. Ryan Peck’s partner works in pediatrics and saw the aftermath, which he says made him lose sleep.

“She was seeing the results of this stuff in a very visceral way so I was just really processing this thing. I was like, ‘Man, we’ve got to do something,’” he said.

So Peck, who co-founded Boise Rock School, called up his friends, including Treefort Music Fest organizer Stephanie Coyle.

He says they jumped at the chance to put on a show or help in any way they could.

“Everyone just needed that door to kind of open a little bit. Then we were like, ‘We’ll do a little silent auction,’ and [we heard the] same thing: everyone’s just like, ‘What can we give, what can we do?’”

So far, at least nine bands have volunteered to play. All proceeds will go to the International Rescue Committee, which has been coordinating the fundraising campaign for the victims.

The show kicks off at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Linen Building in Boise. And if you can’t make it, stay tuned. A second show with Boise indie icons Built to Spill is in the works for August.

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