Low-Income Idahoans Suffering The Most From Pandemic Recession

Nov 16, 2020


As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on into its ninth month, the recession that comes with it continues to create economic uncertainty for many Idahoans. Just like in previous recessions, people who were already struggling to pay the bills are feeling the worst economic pain. 

"Despite some economic indicators seeming to turn around...our economy remains in a really deep hole in many ways."

According to a new report from the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy, nearly half of households that make less than $35,000 have seen at least some of their income dry up in the COVID-19 economy.

So what can be done to keep Idahoans from falling off a financial cliff, especially with no end in sight to the pandemic?

Alejandra Cerna Rios is the Director of the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy and joins Idaho Matters to give her perspective on what state leaders can do.

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