The Lucky Ones

Apr 26, 2018

When Madeline Rose Scott was asked to photograph refugees arriving to Boise for placement, she saw an opportunity to document the humanity of the resettlement process. She photographed several refugees fleeing civil war and violence just hours ahead of Donald Trump's travel ban on select Muslim countries. She captured the fear, the trepidation and the relief shared by so many who came to start a new life.

Six months later, Madeline re-visited the new residents of Idaho to document the changes in their lives since settling in. The pictures are displayed in an exhibit entitled "The Lucky Ones: A Visual Story of Idaho enriched by Refugees Arriving in Uncertain Times." The images will be on exhibit at the Idaho Black History Museum through August 15th.  Madeline Scott was joined in studio by Megan Schwab, Community Engagement Specialist with the International Rescue Committee, the Boise-based agency that aids refugees with resettlement.