Mobile Home Residents Concerned About Industrial Development In Southeast Boise

Sep 21, 2018

A developer from Salt Lake City is looking to build an industrial park in southeast Boise near Micron and the WinCo distribution center. Residents of a mobile home park neighboring the site worry their peace and quiet could be disturbed with new construction.
Credit Stephen Downes / Flickr

A Utah-based developer is looking to build an industrial park in the southeast of Boise near the sprawling Micron campus. The region is already home to several distribution centers, but area residents worry this proposed development could impact their quality of life.

People living in the Blue Valley mobile home park are concerned their peaceful outpost across the interstate from Micron won’t be as quiet if developer Boyer Company moves forward with its plan. The Salt Lake City firm wants to build an industrial park adjacent to their domestic island.

The proposed buildings would be between the mobile home park and the WinCo distribution center. The Statesman reports this latest possible development on Blue Valley’s doorstep comes just a few months after talk of putting in a truck terminal next to the mobile home park.

A representative of Boyer Company was in town this week and says only a small tip of the parcel they’re eyeing would adjoin Blue Valley. He says the property would likely see industrial development in years – possibly decades. The developer says it would consider planting trees and other landscaping in the far reaches of its property to create a buffer with the residential enclave.

Boyer Company says it won’t put up warehouses or industrial buildings speculatively. It’s waiting to find tenants for facilities before starting construction

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