On The Monday, April 15, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Apr 12, 2019
  • Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd discusses serving through four terms of growth.
  • Nampa officials scramble to scare off nuisance crows.
  • Morrison Center executive director James Patrick announces big plans.

- Tammy de Weerd announced she would not seek a fifth term as Meridian's mayor. De Weerd joins Idaho Matters to talk about skippering the bedroom community through unprecedented growth.

- Nampa officials have been battling an infestation of crows for years. The birds have overwhelmed the community with their noise and waste and the city has been scrambling to find a humane way of dispatching of them. Mountain West News Bureau correspondent Amanda Peacher joins Idaho Matters to discuss some of the solutions they have found.

- Late last year, Morrison Center executive director James Patrick announced he would retire in 2019. He joins Idaho Matters to talk about the theater's growth over the past 35 years, what's next for him, and a big announcement for the upcoming year.