On The Monday, July 2, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters:

Jun 29, 2018

UPDATE: In light of the events of this past weekend in Boise, the content of today's Idaho Matters is changing. At noon today we will be talking with city leaders about the mass stabbing that has affected people in our refugee community.

A side note for all you Trekkie fans: We will be interviewing William Shatner at a later date, so stay tuned.

  • Tariff wars impacting Idaho industries.
  • New plans for Boise library unveiled.
  • A talk about grief counseling.
  • A Starfleet captain stops in Boise.

- As the president ramps up trade tariffs imposed on specific trading partners, we are seeing those countries retaliate with tariffs in turn. $42 million of Idaho goods exported to China will be subjected to increased tariffs by that country, and the game of brinksmanship with China and other trade partners is just beginning. We'll talk with manufacturing industry experts from Idaho about the effects these tariffs are having on a state that exported more than $350 million in goods to China last year.

- Plans for a new main branch of the Boise Public Library have been revealed and we'll look at the architecture, the community impact and services that a new building could facilitate.

- Often times we find ourselve at a loss for words when consoling the grieving, on Monday's Idaho Matters, we'll talk about the discussions to have with a friend mourning a loss.

- The Wizard World Comic Con is arriving in Boise along with a plethora of aliens, orcs, elves and superheros. William Shatner will be the keynote guest and we'll speak with the actor about skippering starships, meeting fans and the 50+ year legacy of the TV show that revived science fiction.