New Documentary Looks At Idaho's Tragic Bear River Massacre

May 12, 2020


It was January 1863 when a Shoshone Tribe woke up to find U.S. Army troops outside their camp. By the end of the day, more than 350 Shoshone people were massacred in what is now southeast Idaho. 

In the 1920s, Darren Parry’s grandmother started writing down the oral history of the tribe. Parry is the former chairman of the northwestern band of the Shoshone Nation. 


With the help of independent filmmaker Phillip Schoen, Darren Parry is making people listen. Schoen has made a documentary called “Remembering Bear River.” Parry said the film makes him cry. 


The film will air Thursday night on Idaho Public Television’s “Idaho Experience.” Joining Idaho Matters today to talk about it are independent documentary filmmaker Phillip Schoen and Bill Manny, producer with Idaho Public Television. 

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