New Nampa Holiday Show Started With A Leap Of Faith

Dec 15, 2016

During the holidays, you can enjoy choirs, plays and theater from local and national groups – both big and small. Now Nampa has become home to a full-blown Radio City Music Hall-like production, featuring local singers, dancers, and performers. It began with a leap of faith.

Called the Traditions of Christmas, this show is a huge undertaking, with around 65 local cast members, 400 costumes, kick-line dancing, comedic skits and a nativity scene with live animals.

Producer Laura Little says it began 27 years ago in southern California when she was on the board at a theater in San Diego. When Little moved to Coeur d’Alene, she decided to start a local production there. To fund it, she saved up some money and even took a loan against her house. It worked. The Coeur d’Alene Traditions of Christmas show has run for the past five years. Now she’s taking that same leap of faith into the Treasure Valley.

Despite its complexity, Little says the program builds community.

“People just walk out in the Christmas spirit and that’s why. I get letters, just stacks of letters every year saying thank you for doing it. That’s why I do it. It feels good because you know you’re making people feel so good,” says Little.

She says there’s room for new holiday shows in the Treasure Valley. In fact, neighboring organizations and dance studios have offered to help.

The Traditions of Christmas show runs Thursday through December 23 at the Nampa Civic Center.

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