New Study Looks For Opera Idaho's Permanent Home

Feb 14, 2018

Opera Idaho has a 40-year history in Boise. Now increasing interest is spurring a study to locate a new performing arts facility to serve as the opera's permanent home.

The opera is now based at the 90-year-old Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise--a space that was originally built as a movie house. And while Opera Idaho holds some performances like this weekend's Madama Butterfly at the much larger Morrison Center, it is seeking a smaller, more intimate space like the Egyptian.

Opera Director Mark Junkert says they need better infrastructure.

"The consultants will look at the Egyptian theater to determine if there is any way it could be made into that 900 to 1,200-seat theater with an orchestra pit and adequate dressing rooms and a backstage area," Junkert says. "At the same time they will look at if we just built an entirely new one, how much space would it take?"

The study is funded by the Opera, Esther Simplot and the Hardy foundation, which owns the Egyptian. It should be finished by June.

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