Not Guilty Plea Entered For Boise Stabbing Suspect

Aug 28, 2018

A not guilty plea has been entered for Timmy Earl Kinner, the suspect in a mass stabbing attack that rocked Boise nearly two months ago.

The 30-year-old man from Los Angeles stayed nearly silent during the half hour hearing with his lawyers speaking for him. Kinner faces one count of 1st degree murder, 10 counts of felony aggravated battery, burglary and use of a deadly weapon during the commission of a crime.

Prosecutors and the defense agreed that a trial could take up to two months beginning in early January. District Court Judge Nancy Baskin ordered more than 300 jurors be summoned for the trial.

Kinner is accused of stabbing nine people at a child’s birthday party in late June – all of whom are refugees. The 3-year-old birthday girl later died of her injuries at a Utah hospital.

The court also dismissed any notion of prosecutorial misconduct. Kinner sent a note to investigators saying he had information to discuss with them regarding his case. When they arrived, he refused to talk.

A video of that jailhouse visit and subsequent discussions with Kinner's lawyers made it into the hands of the prosecution. Judge Baskin says the recording didn't include any audio and that the prosecutor who viewed part of the video quickly turned it off when she saw Kinner's public defender enter the room.

So far, Ada County Prosecutor Jan Bennetts has not said whether she’ll seek the death penalty in this case. Her office has 60 days to make that final decision.

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