Pastor Who Survived Shooting In Coeur d'Alene Appointed To Idaho House

Jan 29, 2020

Rep. Tim Remington was appointed to his seat Tuesday by Gov. Brad Little to replace John Green. Green was expelled from the Idaho House this month after a federal tax fraud conviction.
Credit Gov. Brad Little's office

Pastor and former shooting victim Tim Remington is Gov. Brad Little’s (R) choice to fill an empty North Idaho state House seat after its former occupant was convicted on a federal tax fraud charge.

Remington, from Coeur d’Alene, might be most well-known for getting shot six times by a man in 2016 who thought he was an alien trying to enslave the human race.

Remington has since made peace with the shooter, Kyle Odom, who was sentenced up to 25 years in prison.

“I’m a preacher and will stay a preacher,” Remington said in a statement released by Little's office. “What an honor to serve this state.”

He preaches at The Altar Church in Coeur d'Alene and is a drug and alcohol addiction counselor with Mentor Home Ministry and Good Samaritan Rehabilitation.

In an emailed statement, Remington said he would like to unify what has, at times, been a fractured Republican party split between moderates and the hard-right factions at the state legislature " we can get more done together."

But the pastor also has connections to Washington state Rep. Matt Shea (R-Spokane Valley), though he denies having any kind of relationship with him.

Remington was a headline speaker at the Inland Northwest Freedom Fest in September, along with an anti-Islam pastor and a former Oklahoma lawmaker who referred to state employees there as “terrorists.” Shea also spoke at that event and promoted it on his Facebook page.

Shea was recently the subject of a damning report by the Washington state legislature that found he “planned, engaged in and promoted” three armed conflicts against the U.S. government between 2014 and 2016. He was subsequently suspended from the Washington House Republican Caucus and was called on to resign, which he has refused to do.

Investigators said Shea declined to be interviewed, something he disputes. He called it a "sham investigation meant to silence those of us who stand up against attempts to disarm and destroy our great country."

Remington will replace former state Rep. John Green, who was expelled from the House earlier this month after he was convicted on a federal tax fraud charge.

Remington was the Legislative District 2 Republicans' third choice. Tim Kastning, who had been Green's temporary replacement during his trial this month was their first pick, followed by Kootenai County Republican Central Committee Vice Chair Don Bradway.

In a statement announcing the appointment, Gov. Little says Remington will "bring a valuable perspective to the Idaho Legislature.”

Remington hopes to be sworn in and take his seat Thursday morning.

UPDATE: This story has been updated with comments from Rep. Remington

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