Poll Finds Northwesterners Support Coal Export Proposals

Jul 27, 2012

A new poll finds that most residents in the Northwest are supportive of transporting coal through the region for export to Asia. DHM Research conducted the poll for Earthfix.

"Obama, rein in your regs."
That was on a sign that Wyatt Fitch held up when the President visited Portland this week.

Fitch was showing his support for proposed coal export terminals in Oregon.

He thinks coal could help revitalize local ports. “I think if we can get in the coal terminals that it’ll really make a difference to the economy and it will put us on the map as far as shipping companies are concerned.”

That’s an opinion many share.

DHM research polled 1,200 residents in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Fifty-five  percent said they supported new coal export proposals.

The poll also showed many in the Northwest are still forming their opinion.

Seventeen percent said they were undecided. And young people, around college age, were especially likely not to have made up their minds.

The poll had a margin of error of 2.8 percent.

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