Property Tax Freeze Ascends To The Idaho House

Feb 14, 2020

A bill that would freeze property taxes statewide is headed to the House floor after hours of public hearings.




Many of those who spoke over the course of three days were cities, counties, or their lobbyists. They oppose the bill, saying their costs continue to rise and that property taxes are one of the few ways they can keep up with them.


But House Majority Leader Mike Moyle (R-Star) says governments across Idaho have a spending problem, not a taxation problem.


“We have a problem. They all admit we have a problem, but nobody wants to find a solution because we’ve never forced the issue to where they would find a solution.”


Heads of local governments say they do want to find a fix, but that this isn’t how it should be handled up front.


A handful of citizens and a local taxpayer group were the few who testified in favor of Moyle’s bill. They’re worried they’ll be taxed out of their homes.


The entire House will take up the issue next.


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