Provocative Flyers In North Idaho Cause Sandpoint Stir

Oct 5, 2017

In the small town of Sandpoint on the the shores of Lake Pend Oreille, misleading and incendiary flyers are being distributed under cover of darkness. Locals say the divisive flyers don't reflect the sentiments of the community.
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In North Idaho, incendiary flyers are being distributed anonymously. Authorities in Bonner County say they’re reviewing the materials.

Flyers and mailers are being distributed in Sandpoint targeting the mayor of the lakeside town and his family.

Bethany Vernon, a manager at downtown hub Connie’s Café, describes one of the misleading sheets: “Well there was a quote that was not a real quote that was allegedly from the mayor saying how we need to bring in more low-income housing so that we can house refugees,” she says.  “[It] just [had] some really ridiculous ideas on it that were allegedly from him but they were not.”

Law enforcement in Sandpoint is asking the public to be in touch if they received one of the flyers.

A racist flyer distributed anonymously around Sandpoint claims blacks are genetically inferior to others.
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They’ve been making the rounds in Sandpoint since April. Walt Grows is a retired forest service employee and recently moved to Sandpoint. He has strong thoughts on the situation.

“They’re putting out these flyers – they’re doing it at night because they ain’t got the guts to do it in the daylight,” he says disdainfully. “And I think that’s pretty sad, and I feel bad for those kind of folks; I really do. And if I ever catch one of them putting one on my car, he’s going to hear about it.”

Along with the mayor, flyers have been distributed targeting minorities, the media and members of the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force.

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