Record Early Voter Turnout In Idaho's Largest County

Oct 19, 2012

Early voters in Idaho's largest county are turning out in droves this year.  The process started Monday and hasn’t slowed down yet in Ada County.

Ada County Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane was expecting a big voter turnout for this election, but not this big.  “Someone said we opened the fire hydrant and it just hasn’t stopped.  People are showing up in record, record volumes for early voting this election.” 

Normally, at the start of early voting, Ada County sees 100 to 200 voters each day.  Since Monday, they haven’t had a day with less than 800 voters coming to the election office to cast a ballot.   

Thursday, the office bustled with early voters. Some were were new to the process. Others had done this before.

Tina, who didn’t want to use her last name used, said voting early is convenient.  “I work for a dental office and we’re open Monday through Friday and it’s just very hard with kids to get there after, my kids need me, so, it’s convenient.” 

Early voting continues until Friday, November 2.  Election Day is November 6. 

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