Representative Hy Kloc Talks About Cancer And Stepping Down From The Idaho Legislature

Mar 29, 2018

Three-term state Representative Hy Kloc was noticeably absent this year from the Idaho Legislature. It wasn’t until earlier this month that he revealed he had been diagnosed with cancer in late 2017 and wouldn't be seeking re-election.

Kloc has been heavily involved in the community since he came to Boise to take a job as sales manager at Boise State Public Radio. He later took over marketing at the station and wore many hats while he worked here.

When he retired from radio he couldn’t stay out of public service, being elected to the Idaho Legislature and the Greater Boise Auditorium District, which operates the Boise Centre.

Kloc worked for many years with Samantha Wright. They sat down last week in his living room and he told her how doctors found out he had cancer.

Kloc says he’s on a 12 week regimen of chemotherapy, after which time he’ll get another C-T scan to check on his condition. His two pieces of advice are for everyone to get involved in their community and to get a yearly check-up with a doctor.

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