Season Two Episode 4: Going Way Into The Weeds On Redistricting

Feb 22, 2019

You had questions about redistricting and we’ve got answers on the history, legality and mechanics of Redistricting.

We get really wonky and go way into the weeds on the topic of redrawing the state’s legislative district lines. Some GOP lawmakers want to make a change to the way Idaho does that, switching from a six-member redistricting commission to a seven-member board.

We’ve touched on redistricting before, but not like this. We answer questions including what’s the history of the process, how does redistricting work, why is it different in the West, and why are Republicans thinking of changing our system now?

We drill down into the mechanics of redistricting by zeroing in on District 15 in Boise. What’s the makeup, how has it changed over time and how could you redraw it to make it more favorable to one party or another?

Back to the regular legislature next week, this week it's redistricting all the time on Legislative Breakdown.

Correction: In an earlier version of this podcast, Gary incorrectly attributed a quote that said republicans are a larger party by registration numbers and should have more control over the redistricting process to Representative Steven Harris. Our sincere apologies to Representative Harris.