Season Two Episode 5: Sports Stadiums, Agency Rules And The Department Of Agriculture

Mar 1, 2019

Celia Gould, head of the Idaho Department of Agriculture.
Credit Idaho Department of Agriculture

This week we tackle stadiums, agency rules and the Idaho Department of Agriculture.

The City of Boise wants to build a stadium and the Idaho Legislature introduced a bill this week that would require cities to hold a public vote on such infrastructure, depending on how it’s funded. That caused some rancor over the idea of local control.

We also sit down with Celia Gould, former lawmaker and current head of Idaho’s Ag Department. She has a unique perspective on the Idaho Legislature.

And Samantha Wright and Boise State political science professor Gary Moncrief look at a new bill that would change the way agencies, like Celia’s, get rules approved by lawmakers.

That’s all this week in “Legislative Breakdown.”