Second Rabid Bat Found In Idaho

Aug 17, 2018

Credit Dave Thomas / Flickr

A second rabid bat has been found in Idaho this season, this time in Boise County. 

The Central District Health Department reports the bat was found inside a home in Boise County. Officials say the bat may have come in contact with a dog in the home. However, the dog was up to date on its rabies vaccination. The people in the home are being checked in case they were exposed to the bat, which did test positive for rabies.

Rabid bats are found in Idaho, usually between March and November. Last year 15 rabid bats were found statewide.

The health department warns folks to never touch a bat with your bare hands, to see a doctor if you to come in contact with one, to always vaccinate pets and horses for rabies and to bat-proof your home by plugging all holes in the siding along your house.

Without medical treatment, rabies is virtually 100 percent fatal in people and animals.

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