In Shadow Of Political Debate, Morning Edition Visits Boise State Office Of Diversity And Inclusion

Jul 19, 2019

The Boise State Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion opened in the fall semester of 2008.
Credit Boise State University

For the past week, the partisan debate has intensified regarding diversity and inclusion programs at Boise State University. A group of 28 Republican Idaho House members have openly criticized such programs, while a group of 21 Democratic members of the Idaho Legislature have voiced their support for the university's efforts of inclusion.

Morning Edition host George Prentice visited the Boise State Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion to talk with its director Francisco Salinas, who said he sees the current debate as an opportunity to inform more Idahoans about the office's mission.

"It's absolutely an opportunity. I stand behind our president and the president's response and the president's strategy to have conversations to learn about these legislators see as the needs of the students." -Francisco Salinas

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