Shattering The Myth Of "The Latino Vote" In Idaho And The U.S.

Nov 16, 2020


Since election night almost two weeks ago, some folks in the national media are pointing to what they see as a surprising turn toward President Donald Trump among the Latino population. The “Latino vote” is a refrain used by political pundits, polling experts and journalists.


But what is the “Latino vote?” Is it even accurate to use this phrase? What are we missing when we lump so many diverse groups under one umbrella? 


Joining Idaho Matters to help us answer these questions and more are Idaho Statesman reporter Nicole Foy, ACLU Idaho’s Ruby Mendez-Mota, Boise-based community organizer Jennifer Martinez and Conservation Voters for Idaho’s Antonio Hernandez.  


Note: Jennifer Martinez is a member of Boise State Public Radio's Community Advisory Board

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