Shipping Company Proposes New Megaload Route Through Southern Idaho

Nov 21, 2013

This megaload shipment crossed from Idaho into Montana in 2009.
Credit Nicholas.Senn / Flickr Creative Commons

A company hired by a subsidiary of General Electric to ship massive oil refinery equipment to the tar sands project in Canada is now seeking to haul the oversized loads across eastern Oregon and southern Idaho.

The first of three megaloads could begin making its way through Oregon this weekend before crossing into Idaho's southwestern corner next week.

The Oregon Department of Transportation has already issued permits for the first shipment, while Idaho highway officials are still studying the travel plan submitted by shipper Omega Morgan.

The new proposed route comes months after a federal judge in Idaho blocked the company from traveling along U.S. Highway 12 and a protected wild and scenic river corridor in northern Idaho.

The megaloads would leave Idaho and enter Montana along U.S. Highway 93.