Shoshone Falls Will Have Swan Song Before Turning To Trickle For Summer

Jun 20, 2018

Shoshone Falls will put on a show for several days as water managers open the flood gates at the American Falls Reservoir and Minidoka Dam.
Credit Decaseconds / Flickr

Shoshone Falls is poised to be a spectacle one more time for its swan song before the water is reduced to a trickle for the summer.

With summer here and temperatures up, water managers will soon be guarding every drop of water spread across the state’s system of reservoirs.

But, thanks to a recent spate of storms that passed through the region over the weekend, several lakes and reservoirs are at capacity. With the Upper Snake River practically full, flows out of the American Falls Reservoir and the Minidoka Dam were increased Monday.

The Times News reports the releases up river from Shoshone Falls will result in a roaring waterfall with thick clouds of mist. The Bureau of Reclamation expects the flow to be about 10,000 cubic feet per second for about a week.

While 10,000 cfs will make for an impressive scene, Shoshone Falls raged last year following the record-setting winter. Several releases from dams and reservoirs pushed the flow of water tumbling 200 feet over the falls to up to as much as 20,000 cfs.

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