Snow Shoveling: There's An App For That, And It's Called Shovel Up Boise

Jan 10, 2017

With a string of powerful storms bringing winter conditions not seen for over 30 years, accumulating snow continues to be an issue across the Treasure Valley. If you need help digging out, there's an app for that.

Shovel Up Boise connects those in need help of getting out from under all the snow with those willing to handle a shovel or operate a snow blower and do a little work.

Developed by employees at WebMarkets, a Boise-based online marketing firm, the service is fairly simple. According to the Idaho Statesman, all you do is log onto the Shovel Up website, leave your first name and address, describe your snow situation, and your information will go on a list of requests for assistance. A volunteer group with the right equipment and kind heart will come and assist in digging you out.

The website and service began Thursday. Along with requesting help, you can also sign up to be a volunteer at the Shovel Up website.

WebMarket says this is a one-time event, but if it proves successful and other people dig it, perhaps it will be expanded.

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