Some Business Owners Say Idaho Liquor Laws Hurt Economic Growth

Jul 28, 2014

Credit Therese Tjernstrom / Flickr Creative Commons

Some Idaho business owners say the state's laws limiting the number of liquor licenses in each city stunt local economic growth.

The Idaho Statesman reports that Idaho's liquor regulation has resulted in a scarcity of liquor licenses, which in turn has caused business owners to resell licenses at exorbitant costs.

Licenses may be purchased from the state for $750 and in just two years, resold for more than $300,000.

According to Idaho law, each municipality is allotted one liquor license for every 1,500 residents.

Idaho Falls businessman Eric Isom says the lack of licenses is a deterrent for national restaurant chains

However, Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis says the current regulation causes problems but that there's not enough support to change them.