South Central Idaho Legislators Hold Mid-Session Town Halls

Feb 10, 2020

The state legislators from District 26, which includes Blaine, Camas, Gooding and Lincoln Counties, went on a five-stop tour this weekend.


At a town hall in Hailey on Saturday morning, the three Democrats — Reps. Sally Toone and Muffy Davis, and with Senate Minority Leader Michelle Stennett — answered questions about education policy and the 2020 census.  









Stennett explained the process of reviewing the state’s legislative rules, which she said has taken a chunk of the time in this year's session.

Another topic of discussion was the House Education Committee’s decision to repeal the Common Core for K-12 students and the teacher certification standards last week.


“When you start talking about what we’ve thrown out for teachers, that really scares me," said Rep. Toone.  


Now it’s up to the Senate Education Committee to approve or reject the House’s moves. 


The Blaine County citizens in the audience also asked what this year’s census will mean for the state’s redistricting process. To that, Senator Stennett said it might mean tough future elections for these three Democratic legislators. 


“If we’re looking at where the redistricting is, we’re likely to all get split up and unelectable,” Stennett said.

District 26 could get carved up, she said, because other parts of the state have seen more growth.

The legislators will hold another town hall in Fairfield on Feb. 21. 


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