Speech Pathologists Top List Of Idaho Jobs In High Demand

Feb 14, 2018

Speech language pathologists top the Idaho Department of Labor's latest list of most in-demand occupations. The vacancy rate compares how many jobs are available versus how many are employed in that occupation.

There were 167 openings statewide for speech language pathologists in December with a vacancy rate 36 percent. And employers were paying a median wage of $68,500 a year.

That's just a small piece of a monthly survey done by the state to figure out which occupations are most needed.

Rounding out the top eight job openings statewide: occupational therapists, tech-related occupations, mental health and substance abuse social workers, family and general practitioners, industrial engineers, marketing managers and network and computer system administrators. Wages range on those jobs from $172,000 a year for physicians to $37,000 for social workers.

At the bottom of the list: cashiers, personal care aides, fast food workers and retail sales workers. Wages for those jobs range from $18,000 to $21,000 a year.

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