St. Luke's In Boise Opens Virtual Hospital

Aug 30, 2018

St. Luke’s has opened the region’s first “virtual hospital” to help people in remote communities get health care without traveling to Boise.

It’s just like going to the doctor, says Krista Stadler, a nurse at St. Luke’s and Senior Director of Telehealth Services.

“You still have your appointment scheduling, the check in process, you’re escorted to a room, vital signs may have been taken,” says Stadler.

But the room, in McCall or even eastern Oregon, has a special camera and a video screen where a doctor in Boise can treat them remotely. Speaking on Idaho Matters, Stadler says the idea is to connect people in remote areas with specialty and even emergency room doctors.

“In rural communities, people make the choice to live there for a reason. And we want to make sure they have all the access to any of the services that St. Luke’s provides regardless of their choice to live in a rural community,” says Stadler.

Patients can get specialty care, including access to kidney doctors, urologists, pediatric programs, sleep medicine, diabetes and even dietitians and social workers.

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