St. Luke's, St. Al's Go To Federal Court Monday

Sep 23, 2013

St. Luke's has more than 11,000 employees at its medial centers in Idaho.
Credit St. Luke's

Lawsuits pitting the Idaho attorney general's office, the Federal Trade Commission and Saint Alphonsus Health System against St. Luke's Health System and its quest to expand heads into federal court for a trial starting Monday.

The Idaho Statesman reports the point of contention is St. Luke's acquiring of Saltzer Medical Group.

St. Luke's says growth and consolidation will result in better health care at lower cost.

But the entities on the other side of the lawsuit contend St. Luke's move will reduce competition and result in higher prices for patients.

Lawsuits filed by St. Alphonsus, the Idaho attorney general and the Federal Trade Commission were combined for the trial that's expected to take a month.