State Of Idaho Hasn't Responded To Broadband Tort Claims, Lawsuits Could Follow

Jul 10, 2015

Credit Scott Graf / Boise State Public Radio

State officials have not responded to demands for millions of dollars in back payments from contractors hired under the recently dissolved statewide broadband system.

This means the contractors now have clearance to file a lawsuit.

Idaho Deputy Attorney General Scott Zanzig says the state has not issued a formal response to the tort claims filed back in early March.

The state had 90 days to respond.

Earlier this year, a district judge voided the $60 million contract that provided broadband access to public high schools. Education Networks of America and CenturyLink had been offering their services for free for months while the state waited on the court's ruling.

According to the tort claims, the companies say the state owes them more than $6 million in back payments.