Still Growing: Total Number Of Firearms Found In 2017 At Boise Airport Now 22

Sep 15, 2017

Nine months into 2017, 22 guns have been found in carry-on bags at the Boise Airport. In all of 2016, 18 firearms were discovered at the TSA checkpoint in the facility.

More loaded guns were found passing through the TSA checkpoint at the Boise Airport. Two firearms with bullets in them were discovered in carry-ons at the airport this week. Guns in carry-ons has proven to be a recurring problem at the facility.

One .45 caliber pistol and another handgun, a Glock, were noticed by TSA security screeners as they scanned carry-on bags in an X-ray machine.

According to the Idaho Press Tribune, the firearm found Monday had 13 rounds of ammunition in it. On Thursday, when the second gun passed through the X-ray machine, it was found to contain seven rounds. The Monday firearm was being carried by a man bound for Seattle while the gun found yesterday belonged to a woman off to Denver. In both cases, police officers stationed at the airport were summoned to the security checkpoint.

In all of 2016, the TSA found 18 firearms in carry-on bags at the Boise Airport. In the nine months of this year, 22 guns have been found so far.

When someone takes a firearm through security at the airport, they can be fined up to $7,500 by the TSA. Guns are allowed to be taken on a flight as long as they are declared to authorities, unloaded and locked in a hard case in a checked bag.

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