Students Demand Change At Boise’s Youth Climate Strike

Mar 15, 2019

Liam Neupert is a junior at One Stone school in Boise and helped to coordinate the Idaho Youth Climate Strike Friday morning. For several weeks now, he’s been at the statehouse every Friday, missing school to protest climate change inaction.



"People say me skipping is just a waste of lesson time. I would like to tell them that the time I’ve spent on these steps the past few weeks have shown me more about the society and the people around me than any lecture could ever do," he says.


Neupert speaks at the podium on the statehouse steps surrounded by other student protesters.
Credit Brooklyn Riepma / Boise State Public Radio

About 200 people joined Neupert at Boise’s strike to demand legislation on the issue. Jackson DiNucci, a high school student at Sage International School in Boise, was one of them.

"I do want to show my support for how we think climate change is a huge issue and that we want to do something about it, even if that’s just to show other people to try to spread awareness," DiNucci says.

But there weren’t just high schoolers in attendance. Kathleen McDonald brought her two grandchildren, ages three and six. She says climate change is one of the most pressing problems of today.

"It’s going to be extremely important in their life. We all need to think about it a lot more and do what we can," she says.

Bill Rath is a retired teacher. He didn't know any of the students there, but went to show his support.

"I’m really proud of these kids for doing what they are doing because it’s their lives that are most impacted by cliate change and we adults have definitely dropped the ball," he says.


Laura Coleman graduated from Boise State University last year. She says government should take action to address climate change.


"We need to do something about it and the best way is to get the legislators on board and make a difference nationwide, Idaho-wide, and worldwide," Coleman says.


Boise's strike was one of many that were held around the nation and in other countries.


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