Superintendent-Elect Ybarra Tightlipped On budget, Policy Issues

Dec 10, 2014

Sherri Ybarra won Idaho's Nov. 2014 race for superintendent of schools by a slim margin.
Credit Aaron Kunz / Idaho Public Television

Sherri Ybarra says she's staying mum on all things budget, policy and staffing until she's sworn into office on Jan. 5.

The recently elected Republican is in the middle of transitioning to become Idaho's next superintendent of public instruction.

Ybarra told The Associated Press Wednesday that it would be inappropriate to discuss changes she's considering because current state Superintendent Tom Luna is still in office.

Instead, Ybarra says she is on a "silent tour," and focusing on gathering input from lawmakers and staffers.

Despite facing an increase of attention due to Ybarra's political inexperience, she has given only a handful of media interviews ever since winning in November's election.

Ybarra is a school administrator and former teacher from Mountain Home.