Three Guns In Three Days Discovered At Boise Airport Security Checkpoint

Dec 7, 2018

TSA agents at the Boise Airport have found 22 guns in carry-on luggage so far in 2018. Last year 29 firearms were discovered in luggage.
Credit Kyle Green / Idaho Statesman

This week, TSA inspectors at the Boise Airport found three guns in three days as luggage was being screened.

Despite prominent signs telling travelers to “pack clothes … not heat” and others warning that firearms aren’t permitted through the security checkpoint, three men were found with handguns in their luggage as they tried to board flights.

On the morning of Tuesday, December 4, TSA agents found a loaded pistol. Wednesday, a man traveling to Salt Lake City was stopped as he attempted to take a loaded Glock through the checkpoint. And on Thursday, inspectors stopped another male passenger with a semi-automatic 9mm pistol loaded with 13 rounds.

A release from the TSA says all three firearms were detected as the passengers’ carry-on bags went through the X-ray machine. According to the agency, the recommended civil penalty for trying to take a firearm through a checkpoint ranges from $4,000 up to more than $13,000.

The Boise Airport is moving at a good clip toward again hitting the 29 guns found in carry-ons last year. So far in 2018, 22 firearms have been found in travelers’ luggage.

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