Time Lapse Video Shows Winter Weather In June On Bogus

Jun 17, 2016

The National Weather Service in Boise posted on Twitter this video of very unspringlike weather on Bogus Basin.
Credit National Weather Service Boise/Bogus Basin

Spring in Boise means all types of weather, from sunny and hot - it was 101-degrees last Wednesday - to snow. Winter made a brief comeback Thursday at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area with clouds, fog, and some light snow.

The National Weather Service in Boise posted a time-lapse video of the winter weather on its Twitter account. 

NWS also posted photos from Brundage Mountain Resort, which got snow all day on Thursday. 

Here's what it looked like on Brundage Mountain Thursday.
Credit National Weather Service Boise/Brundage Mountain Resort

In Boise, Thursday's high was just 67. That's 14-degrees below the normal temperatures for the date. Wednesday's high was only 62. A low pressure system over parts of Idaho, Oregon and Washington is to blame (or thank) for the unusually cool weather.  

Here's a look at the video from Bogus: