Treasure Valley's First Seasonal Inversion Arrives Early

Nov 17, 2014

This image of a Treasure Valley inversion was taken back in 2013.
Credit Jay Breidenbach / National Weather Service

Treasure Valley residents still dealing with the aftermath of last week's record-setting snowfall now have an inversion on their hands, too.

The National Weather Service in Boise says the inversion set up Sunday. Meteorologist Bill Wojcik says it's likely to last through Saturday when winds from a new system disrupt the layering of warm air over cold. He says the inversion - the first of the season - reaches 10,000 feet into the atmosphere.

"It seems to be earlier than usual," Wojcik says. "We tend to think of inversion season as being between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day."

The inversion has helped keep temperatures in the valley well below normal. Boise set a record low Monday morning when the temperature dropped to 6 degrees. Sunday's low of 4 also broke a record. Lows Tuesday morning are expected to be sightly warmer.

Morning fog and afternoon haze are expected to return Tuesday. The region could see freezing rain Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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