Treefort Music Fest Announces First Round Of Bands For 2019

Nov 15, 2018

Treefort Music Fest is coming back for its eighth year. The multi-genre festival has announced its first round of musicians, which signals an increase in ticket prices.


It’s the earliest announcement the festival has ever made, giving fans a taste of the music to come during the March event. 

At the top of the billing this year is a throwback name from the 90s: Liz Phair. Phair has come up in music news recently, as younger musicians point to her work in the male-dominated rock scene 25 years ago as inspiration. 

"It’s just an interesting touch point," says festival director Eric Gilbert. "It fits our sort of headliner model of bringing in people that are inspiring the artist of today.” 

Gilbert says besides the 60+ bands they’ve announced so far, Treefort is continuing to highlight other scenes in Boise’s growing community. Hackfort, Comedyfort and more will all be back this year. 

“Treefort has really evolved into a festival that’s much more than what we’re doing on the music side," he says. "And I think that’s a story we want to continue to highlight and tell.” 

Gilbert says the second band announcement will come before Christmas. Tickets for the five-day festival cost $200.  

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