On The Tuesday, September 10, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Sep 9, 2019
  • A proposal to regulate rental applications fees in Boise. 
  • Guns in stores...can you carry there? 
  • STEM grants for Native American students. 
  • A new app celebrating the Boise Greenbelt.  

- As Boise’s housing market becomes more and more competitive, some landlords are coming under scrutiny. We’ve heard about some predatory practices that impose high fees on renters as they try to find housing. We’ll talk with one Boise city council person who is proposing new restrictions, saying the rules would protect renters.

- Last week, Walmart announced they no longer want customers to open carry in their stores. Since then several more national chains have taken similar stances, including Idaho businesses like Albertsons and Kroger -- which is the parent company of Fred Meyer. We’ll learn more about this trend and talk with a legal expert about what the law says when it comes to open carry and businesses. 

- Native Americans are under-represented in some areas of academics. Now, the University of Idaho is trying to address that issue with a $1 million STEM grant aimed at getting more students to earn their Ph.D. in science, technology, engineering or math fields. The grant is from the National Science Foundation and will fund the education of 12 students beginning in fall of 2020. 

- The Boise Greenbelt turns 50 this month. In celebration of that milestone, one Boise woman decided to build an app that would better inform Greenbelt users of detours, construction -- and highlight new attractions along the popular path. We learn more from her about her love of the iconic Boise thoroughfare and what she hopes people learn from the free smartphone app. 

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