University Of Idaho President Has Positive Outlook On Challenges

Aug 16, 2019

C. Scott Green took over as the new University of Idaho President last month. Green is now the fourth University of Idaho President in only 10 years. This Thursday, he appeared on Idaho Matters to discuss his new role and the challenges that come with it.


The beginning of Green’s presidency has been a busy one. In the wake of Republican lawmakers urging Boise State University to reject diversity programs, he says U of I stands with Boise State in the promotion and support of diversity.

"We’re trying to build that trust, that we’re interested in all students and all students doing well,"says Green. 

Bringing back boosters is also a challenge Green faces entering his presidency. Many boosters pulled their donations after the football team returned to the Big Sky Conference. But Green, who’s a Vandal alum himself, says he’s not worried about the boosters being gone forever. 

Green says, “Well, you know, if they are real Vandals they’ll come back.”

Increasing Idaho’s go-on rate is another of Green’s priorities.

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