Valley Ride Looks To Run Some Buses Every 15 Minutes In Boise

Jun 22, 2018

Valley Regional Transit just wrapped up three open houses to get public input on 10 different proposals to change bus routes in Boise. There’s still time to weigh in on the city’s mass transit system.

Boise city’s Transportation Action Plan identifies three transit routes where city officials would eventually like to see buses run every 15 minutes all-day long: State Street, Fairview Avenue and Vista Avenue. For now, only State street is proposed to have a 15-minute service during peak hours, which officials want to start in the fall.

“Part of that plan is to provide more service to more people more often," says Stephen Hunt with VRT, "and focus on where we can provide the highest levels of service.”

The proposals are budget-neutral, meaning that no extra operating dollars would be spent. However, they have budgeted $50,000 for bus stop removal and installation if each of the proposals is accepted.

During the open houses, Hunt says the public has voiced some concerns about the proposed changes to the Parkcenter, Harris Ranch and Broadway routes.

“Our next step is going to be to take all of these different comments that we’ve received from the public and make revisions to these concepts and propose those changes to the VRT board for them to take action this fall.”

Valley Regional Transit will continue taking comments on the proposed changes on their website until Monday, June 25th.

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